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"When a student is ready, a teacher will come."

                --Japanese Proverb

"You are always funny, and a very good teacher.  That truly is an art.  There are good teachers; then (there is) everybody else.   I taught, so I know."

--Robbie Lane Jackson, 2015

Deborah Long

Deborah Long, Ed.D., DREI, CDEI, CRS, CRB

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Deborah Long has been teaching North Carolina real estate classes since 1995. In addition to four college degrees, including a doctorate in adult education, Deborah has earned the Distinguished Real Estate Instructor award and earned the Certified Distance Education Instructor designation.

Deborah recently was recognized for developing the NC Education Program of the Year, an award she has won several times in North Carolina and nationally.  She has also been recognized as NC Educator of the Year.