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"[My online] The course was thought provoking and relevant to everyday life, very interesting study. The course was well written and easy to follow. I have tried other online courses from different RE schools but keep coming back to the Deborah Long courses because (for me), they are consistently the best! Again, thank you. "

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about Online CE

Must I complete the online course in one sitting, or can I log off and come back to it later?

The online courses "remember" where you left off, so you can return to that section at a later time. Even if you get disconnected from your online service (e.g., you step away from your computer for an extended period of time), the online courses will be bookmarked for your return. The next time you enter your course, you will return to the lesson you were most recently working on.  Check the table of contents to see what you have to complete next.

You may be able to complete the course in less than four hours. For the advanced courses, it may take longer than four hours to complete all of the requirements of the courses. You will still receive credit for taking a four-hour elective.

Is there a final exam?

No, not for North Carolina students.  However, there are chapter quizzes and unit exams which you must complete with 90% proficiency.  You will be given many opportunities to reach 90%.  Please ignore any references to a final exam.  If you see a reference to "You have completed  95% of the course," you are done!

When you are done, simply email your instructor with your license number.  She'll take care of notifying the NCREC and will send you a certificate of completion.

Does my enrollment expire after a certain period of time?

You are able to enroll in ane online course at any time from July 1 to June 10 of the following year.  Generally, you must finish the course with 30 days of starting it.  However, if you are trying to earn elective credit to renew a North Carolina real estate license, you must enroll no later than June 10 and finish by midnight.  

If you take more than one elective course, you may be eligible to have the second course apply to the following year's elective credit.  Contact the NC Real Estate Commission for more information.

What is the refund policy?

If in the first seven days of enrolling, you determine that distance education is not for you and you decide not to finish the course, please email the instructor and you will be permitted to get a refund.

What is the cost of the courses?

Courses range from $63 to $67 for four-hour courses.  You may pay with a major credit card on line.  The site is secure.  You will be asked to provide a "shipping" address so that Deborah can mail you a completion slip.  You will also be asked for your social security number--you do not have to provide your social security number if you do not want to.  But please provide your name  and license number as is appears on your license card.

After you have provided this information, you will choose the course(s) you want and put the course in a "shopping cart."  Then you will be able to proceed to take the course.

What if I need help during the course ?


  • Depending on the challenge, you have three customer support alternatives,

one for content questions and one for technical questions and one for billing questions:

            Content Questions:

If you don't understand the material in the course, or have a question

about what is covered, contact Deborah Long directly at .                              

             Technical Questions:

If you're having trouble getting your course to run, graphics don't appear,

your computer crashes while running the course, or other system-type

problems, call / email the appropriate Technical Support Hotline to the right.  

FOR OnCourse Learning Courses

  • Call: 1-800-743-8703 or
  • email:

What is your refund policy for online products?

For ReCampus courses, refunds will be applied only if the student has not completed more than

one lesson following the tutorial.  For Real Time Learn courses, the refund policy may be accessed here.

For OnCourse Learning, XXX

How do I obtain CE credit for completing the course?

For ReCampus and OnCourse Learning courses, Deborah Long  will provide you with a certificate for your files.  Do not send this certificate to the Commission.  Deborah will send a confirmation of course completion to the NCREC.  You must e-mail Deborah that you have completed the course.  If you don't understand the material in the course, or have a question about what is covered, contact Deborah Long directly.  

For RealTime Learn, the course provider will be handling your certificate and course reporting to the NCREC.  Of course, you should feel free to contact Deborah directly if you have any questions or concerns.

ReCampus Technical Support Availability

Phone 8 am – 10 pm ET Monday - Thursday.
8 am – 9 pm ET Friday.
Weekend email support is also available. Requests will be responded to within 24 hours.
Phone: (888) 213-5124

​​       Other Questions:

If you have questions about anything else, call our customer support number at 1.800.972.2220.  

 Real Time Learn Support
Please contact us at 
or call toll-free (855) 785-3663. 
8:30 AM-5:00 PM Eastern Time, 
Email and voicemails are checked after hours 
and on weekends. Messages are typically

returned same day, but within
a maximum period of 24 hours.

OnCourse Leaning

Technical Support Availability

​Call: 1-800-743-8703 or

​The hours are  

M-F 9:30-6:30pm ET 
Sat 12-4 on call
Before you call: Please be prepared to explain your problem in detail and to have access to your computer.

When you place your call: In order to effectively troubleshoot your issue, our technicians begin the call by asking you a series of questions regarding your operating environment. We will need to know what type of computer you are using, the operating system you are using, the version number of your software, etc. Your call may be documented or monitored to help us maintain quality of service standards.

Real Estate Classes Online Electives

For NC real estate licensees who want or need a convenient way to complete their 4-hour elective requirement, online continuing education can be the answer.  If you have good Internet access, it is easy to enroll and complete your course.  You don't have to complete the course in one sitting--you can leave and return at will, as long as you finish the course within 30 days of enrollment.  You may even be able to complete the course in fewer than four hours!  No final exam is required.

Deborah Long serves not only as the provider and instructor for the course, she also is the administrator.  That means your teacher and online school are accessible locally,  unlike some providers who are out-of-state.

For information about the courses available to you, go to 
Online Course Descriptions.  

Feel free to contact Deborah with other questions or concerns you may have and/or read the FAQ section below.